What is Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)?

CAD is the most common type of heart disease. CAD happens when materials build up on the inner walls of arteries of the heart (plaque formation). When the arteries eventually become too narrow, the heart muscles do not get enough blood supply, and a heart attack can occur.

Early intervention makes a big difference in preventing Coronary Artery Disease. CardioCAD provides you information on your CAD risk over time, and estimates how much of your CAD risk is due to modifiable and non-modifiable factors. Knowing that you are at risk early will give you a head start to improve your lifestyle and to aid reducing your risk factors for CAD.

Yes, everyone can benefit from CardioCAD test, especially if you have one or more risk factors, such as:


A family history of cardiovascular disease.


Early onset of CAD (<55 in men, <65 in women) in immediate family members.


CAD risk factors in medical history (high blood cholesterol/ glucose level/ blood Pressure).


High risk ethnicity.

What can cause CAD?

These are the common factors causing CAD

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  • A 3ml EDTA blood sample
  • Buccal swab is an alternative